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Lyndsay Frangs
Photographer & Journalist

I wasn’t sure about using a personal trainer as I am quite motivated to exercise.  However, I tried Ben because I wanted specific help with certain muscles and he made it so much easier to get toned.  He was able to target those areas and I definitely learnt that for all my effort previously there were more effective ways of working out. I will definitely keep seeing him.  Plus the extra motivation does help!




Brad Negus
Contracts Administrator - Construction

Ben is a first-class personal trainer in every aspect! When I first came to him I was unmotivated, overweight, constantly unwell and unhappy with the appearance of my physique. With Ben’s watchful guidance I have made unbelievable progress from being not-much-better than a couch potato to a point where I am proud of my physique, general fitness and my general well being has improved. His focused, intensive and hands on but fun approach keeps me motivated and engaged with the use of indoor/ outdoor training and is coupled with sound nutritional advice has certainly worked wonders for me. This has permitted me to run my first 10km fun run and the bug has now bitten - I am now looking to further enhance my stamina and endurance to improve my times with my ultimate goal to run a sub 40min race. With Ben’s guidance I certainly believe I can achieve this. Given the improvements I have seen and felt from training with Ben, I would recommend taking up training with him to anyone who needs help with their fitness goals.



Cherie Welsh
Communications Manager

Having trained with Ben for almost 2 years, there are three words to best describe his strategy to helping you achieve your fitness goals:
1.             Focus
2.             Determination
3.             Inspiration
Each second of training with him has a purpose, forcing you to remain focused on the exercise at hand in order to maximize its purpose.  Every set is a challenge - ‘mind over matter' - pushing you out of your comfort zone and beyond what you thought you could achieve. Determined to meet the goals you have set for yourself, Ben designs a program for you like no other.  Using effective training techniques and the right combination of; endurance, strength training and high intensity exercises, his program actually works. Most importantly, Ben practices what he preaches.  He is a testament of his own determination, endurance and belief in meeting the goals you set for yourself.  A true inspiration, Ben takes fitness to a whole new level.




Carine Mousseux
Trainer and Gymnastics Coach


Having been trained by and also having worked with Ben, I have had some great training sessions and have learnt a lot from him. His sessions really made we work hard, giving me motivation and that extra push you never seem to give yourself when training. He has a world of knowledge, especially with weight training and nutrition, and really cares about getting you results and the most of your training session. If it's results you want, I highly recommend taking on Ben as your trainer!"