Personal Trainer - Ben Goodwin

I love my job because seeing people improve their fitness levels is a very personally rewarding experience.
Each client is different and offers a new challenge and opportunity for me to learn and evolve as a person, athlete, and coach. This job allows me to help others by being myself. I have been training in competitive sports for over 15 years and I am currently pursuing a competitive natural bodybuilding career.

Education and Certifications

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Back and Abdominal Training
  • Program Design
  • Swiss and med ball training
  • Precision Nutrition


Specialty Areas/Training Focuses:

  • Power and Strength development
  • Body composition/weight loss programs
  • Sports nutrition and supplementation
  • Back, knee, shoulder and hip pain
  • Sports specific training
  • Flexibility and mobility



Because no two people are alike, neither are their workouts. I will strategically develop a program that is specific to you and you only. My mission is to see my clients achieve their exercise and fitness goals as effectively and as fast as is possible. Each training session is maximized by the attention I pay to unique individual needs, to movement efficiency, and to exercise safety. I optimize my client’s time by continuously tailoring and adapting their workouts. As they progress and adapt, so too do their workout routines. In doing this I eliminate the concept of ‘hitting the plateau’. My clients will always see improvement.

The positive results I have experienced from my years of training have inspired me to help others. I want you to achieve the healthy, energetic, and fulfilling life that you deserve. The time is now. Contact me today so I can get you started on the road to fitness success.